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How to blur the background in portraits – basic DSLR photography tips

How to blur the background in portraits - basic DSLR photography

How to create a blurred background in portrait shots. A guide for the DSLR user on the factors that influence background blur: aperture, the distance from subject to background, the distance from camera to subject, and the optical length of your lens. Home {Sydney family photographer} Hi, this is Tom Greenwood from Now […]

Homemade Camera Stabilizer

Home Made Stabalizer or Gimbal for DSLR

The device is known as a gimbal. It functions to hold a camera of any kind in a relatively stable position. The camera can rotate on many different planes while … Andoer BK-45 Gimbal Tripod Head for Camera Telephoto Lens Quick Release Plate 360 Degree XCSOURCE 2 Axis Brushless Camera Gimbal + 2x Motor For […]

DJI Osmo Gimbal Speed Change Tutorial


The DJI Osmo is a great tool to accompany the DJI Phantom 3 Professional in the field. It’s a Sony Exmor 4K camera on a gimbal. It makes capturing videos on the ground look like they were captured with a camera that was flying! Below are the video modes that the DJI Osmo supports: UHD: […]

8 Things Street Photographers Encounter

In this video, Kai shows you 8 things that a street photographer when out on the streets for a shoot plus how to deal with them, with encounters that include a fear of doing street photography, being torn a new orifice and not getting the shot quick enough. “Pop Tarts “Gone Nutty” Chocolate and Peanut […]

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