Longevity of a Stock Photograph

Longevity of a photography – Squeezing Blood From a Stone was shot over 25 years ago and it is still selling… Not bad for a picture of a pebble found on the beach at Bridlington.

Squeezing Blood from a Stone

When I spotted the shape of the stone, which looks like it is being squeezed and the fact that it was full of holes, gave me the idea of Blood from a stone.
The cramp was borrowed and I purchased some fake blood from a fancy dress shop.

Gently allowing the fake blood to run through the shone from the back, I took numerous shots on a Bronica 6×4.5.

It was later converted to a digital image and uploaded to Dreamstime. And is stilling selling today!

You can view my portfolio on Dreamstime here…https://www.dreamstime.com/Gbphotostock_portfolio_pg1#res23689